Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Your Mother postage stamp

"This poster is a limited edition of only 11 serigraphs to preserve paper this earth day. The paper is a bit smaller than most of my other work and there is a lot of white space to save ink. I could have not made anything at all and that would have really been more beneficial to the environment, but I thought it would feel good to spread some love to mother earth and all of the mothers out there." Jorge Arrieta
I fell in love with the art on this one, so with Jorge's permission I had the art put on a postage stamp. I'm very proud to show his work on my mailings.
Check Jorge's work out at http://www.popsiclesandgrenades.com/


I’ve been working on hatboxes. These started out as cardboard forms and I decorated them with handmade paper and other items. This is a small box, painted bronze on the inside and bottom. I applied the paper with Modge Podge, a wondrous product. Not only does MP act as a glue, it also acts as a sealer.

We call this one "Elvis." The top is layered with canvas paper in pinks & purples, finished with 14k gold dust. The sides are painted with acrylic paint which I mixed as I went along so each stripe would be a unique color.

The inside is painted purple with purple feathers as decoration, and the bottom is covered with purple sateen.


Each hat sports the red hat logo with my signature.