Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tomato Artichoke Soup

Today's tomato fest, soup with fresh tomatoes and artichokes! Plus fresh bread. Call for dinner invitations.

Canning Tomatoes

Yesterday I picked 15 lbs of ripe tomatoes from our garden. So I spent yesterday afternoon canning tomatoes. Be sure to use lemon juice and not lime juice when canning tomatoes. Lime juice doesn't have acidity as high as lemon juice.

Canning and Pickling

My mom came to visit to show me how to finish my two-week pickles. I carefully sliced each cuke with my veggie knife...and my mom whipped out her small electric knife and had those cukes sliced in seconds flat. Notice the sugar on the bottom of the jar (left). When the sugar is dissolved, the pickles are ready.
Here they are: All Finished!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Logan Phillips, el Poeta Gonzo

Meet my friend, Logan Phillips, gonzo poet.
I’ve mentioned Logan on this blog before, and I’ll mention him again. Why? Because he’s a gritty, vigorous wordsmith with something to say. Logan was a big hit here in Nashville, doing an in-house performance, a show at Bongo Java in Nashville, and a private session. We’re hoping to have him visit Nashville again and do some of the poetry from his new book, Arroyo Ink.

Arroyo Ink contains, among its treasures, a trilogy of Logan’s work that I especially like: a heartbreak story of missing the last train in Mexico City; a wonderful fun poem called I Live Alone; and a piece about new love called One Night and Your Hair. Lest you think Logan is the average lumbering elephant of a poet, let me tell you that in a performance by Logan you’re likely to see giant walking creatures, Logan with a loudspeaker strapped to his back, half naked men (see photo), video that will put your eyes out.

To read more about Logan and his work, go here:
His new book is an economy friendly $12, which includes all shipping. Tell ’im Caroline sent ya.

Conozca a mi amigo Logan Phillips, el poeta gonzo.
He hecho mención de Logan en este blog antes, y ahora lo hago de nuevo. ¿Por qué? Porque es un valiente esculptor de palabras y tiene algo que decir. Tuvo mucho éxito durante su visita a Nashville, hizo un performance privado y luego una presentación en el café Bongo Java. Esperamos que nos visite de nuevo para estrenar obra de su nuevo libro, Arroyo Ink.
Arroyo Ink contiene, entre sus tesoros, una trilogía de poemas que me gustan mucho: una historia de corazón roto en el metro de la Ciudad de México, un poema divertido que se hace llamar Yo Vivo Solito, y una pieza acerca de amor nuevo que se llama Una Noche y tu Cabello. Y para que no pienses que Logan es otro poeta normal, dejame decirte que en un performance de Logan se suele ver criaturas gigantes andando, Logan con una altavoz atorado a su espalda, hombres medio encuerados (ve la foto), y video que sorprenderá los ojos.

Para leer más acerca de Logan y su obra, checa su sitio:
Su nuevo libro es económico, solo $12 dolaritos que incluye envío. Dile que te enteraste gracias a Caroline.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mama's Sweet Pickles

2 gal cukes, scrubbed
1st day--Boil 1 gal H2O with 2 cups salt & pour over cukes. Loosely cover. Aluminum foil OK.
2nd day--Drain cukes. Sprinkle 2 oz Alum over cukes & pour 1 gal boiling H2O.
3rd day--Drain cukes. Pour 1 gal clear,boiling H2O.
4th day--Boil 1 gal white vinegar with 2 oz pickling spice. Pour over cukes.

Drain and slice cukes. Layer sliced cukes and sugar in jars. Stop cukes 1½”from top of jar but cover that space to neck of jar with sugar. Juice should seep from cukes and eventually all sugar will dissolve. Jars do not have to be sealed. Any type of glass jar with a lid may be used.