Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nashville Through Other Eyes

Recently a friend from England visited, and her photos came back as a surprise to me. It is wonderful to see Nashville through her eyes.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Doing Things The Old Way

Early last spring we took our first steps in the direction of creating some sustainability on our Golden Acre. We created garden beds for vegetables, flowers and herbs; preserved the produce;
and kept a journal of the process. We put in a water catch for roof runoff that we use frequently. When our old large appliances began to fail, we replaced them with energy-star upgrades. You can see the writing and photos on this blog dated 2008. In keeping with the old format, I wanted to post to the journal here.

Planted – Red leaf lettuce, crunchy butter lettuce, kale
Harvested – the last of the tomatoes, cantaloupe and okra. Greek oregano.
Prepared – the gardens for planting greens. We began planning garden strategy for next year, preparing to plant more varieties in higher quantity for canning and preserving.
Stored – Jelly jars for next year, flower seed, herbs, canned tomatoes.
Recycled – made two trips last week to take the recycling to the center.
Contribute to local food systems – made seed packets to distribute in the spring.
At one time, making the above list consumed all my time. Now a different way of life has taken hold for us. These are the good old days.