Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wormy Delight

This is such great info that I lifted it from the Gardens Alive website located at to share with you.  I can personally attest to the value of adding earthworms to your garden sites. Read on to find out more from Gardens Alive®!  

“Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons from Gardens Alive!®  are convenient and easy to add to your garden soil. You plant them in garden soil just as you would plant ordinary seeds. They’re especially useful for people switching from conventional to organic gardening. Better soil quality gives your organic seeds the best start. Each cocoon contains 1-10 eggs, depending on the species, and each egg will produce one earthworm. 

Greatest Living Natural Soil Boosters
Gardeners covet earthworms' presence in their plots because:
  • their castings boost nitrogen in the soil
  • they move deep-soil nutrients closer to plant roots
  • their tunnels loosen soil, improving aeration
  • their activities help soil particles bond, balancing moisture retention and drainage

Earthworms perform this same magic in compost, speeding the development of nutrient dense, moisture-dispersing humus.”