Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don’t Want to Live Like a (Bisbee) Refugee

It has been 2 ½ years since we left Bisbee, Arizona, to move back to Tennessee where our families live. Still, memories of Bisbee haunt us both, and I sometimes feel I left a big chunk of my spirit there. And the friendships formed in Bisbee live on.

In October of this year we’ve having a Not-in-Bisbee Reunion here in Nashville. Jan B. from London will be here, also Jeff and Bob from Phoenix and Dave McD who still lives in Bisbee. We’re hoping for other Bisbee-ites to attend.
Bisbee has incredible charm, with an old-world air. The smell of roasting coffee is always in the air.
Stairs like these meander all over the village.
Our former Bisbee home.
We miss the town and the people. We miss the magical quality of the air and the feeling of expectation we felt there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters

I wondered what a coffee “expert” would have to say about storing coffee, so I contacted Old Bisbee Roasters to ask for their advice. Here’s the web page for an article written by Seth Appell the owner, about storing coffees. I can certainly vouch for their coffees, and having lived just up the hill in Old Bisbee from the roasters building I can attest to the delicious aroma of their roasting coffee. I could stand on my porch and smell the coffee roasting. That’s something that added an element of romanticism to living in Old Bisbee.

Says Seth: Good evening Caroline, I just ran across your email with Lindsey tonight while I was in the shop roasting. If you like I would love to chat with you about coffee, take a moment to answer your questions over the phone, or perhaps arrange a conference call over the internet for everyone! I'm fairly sure we can use an internet phone called"skype", and we could chat as a group.Or just call my cell phone, easy enough for one person at a time!XXX.XXX.XXXX is my cell phone - and with a little time to set it up,we could have a great conference call too. I'd love to give it a try!
-- Seth Appell, Your Personal Coffee Roaster!"A gentleman is always ready to serve coffee at a moment's notice"